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Kudos to Bob Gordon in Boulder

Bob doesn’t always list houses with bears, but when he does, he makes a video…

Blogging is one of those phases that for many has come and gone.  Many who have started with a passion burnt out quickly like a match lit in the Colorado wind!  Bob Gordon in Boulder is not a fizzled out blogger, in fact he’s going stronger than ever!  Bob just finished his 2nd year of non-stop daily blogging.  What a feat!

Bob writes the Boulder Real Estate News.  Today he posted a nice tribute to me as being his inspiration.  Thank you Bob, it’s always nice to know someone not only listened but implemented!  I appreciate that!

When visiting his site today, I saw his video of the bear at his listing and just had to share it!  We get to see so many wonderful things in Colorado and when you blog about it, you pass on the knowledge, love and joy.  Sharing is fun.

Now I guess I have to stop being a blogging slacker and start writing more frequently.  Got any tips for me Bob in Boulder?

Foto Friday



I call this Denver’s Underbelly, every city has one. It’s a place that never sleeps, work gets done no matter what time of day or night.

Selling Denver real estate is my main business, but occasionally I am asked if I sell my photos.  The answer is yes!  In case you are interested, some of my images are for sale at this website.
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