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Foto Friday



I call this Denver’s Underbelly, every city has one. It’s a place that never sleeps, work gets done no matter what time of day or night.

Selling Denver real estate is my main business, but occasionally I am asked if I sell my photos.  The answer is yes!  In case you are interested, some of my images are for sale at this website.
Photography Prints

Summer’s Last Big Weekend


Labor Day weekend marks the last 3-days off we will get until  next summer, so make the best of it and go do something this weekend!  There are plenty of activities around the Metro Denver area.

If you like wildlife, take a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park. The Park is alive with animals all day long.  You are guaranteed to see deer, elk, chipmunks and even moose!  The moose population has grown steadily over the years and the western side of Trail Ridge Road is where they moose hang out.

A couple weeks ago we were thrilled to watch a mama moose systematically stripe the leaves off a bush.  All the while baby moose was romping about in the meadow  He got too close to the river at one point and fell in!  He was surprised and frightened as he frantically climbed ashore.  In a few minutes he laid down to rest in a safe warm spot in the sun.


If you are an early riser, take a drive down to Colorado Springs.  Each morning, weather permitting the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic fills the air above Prospect Park with a colorful array of hot air balloons.  If you prefer to sleep in, don’t worry you can still catch a balloon glow on 2 of the 3 nights.  Either way the balloons are always fun to watch.

If you like country music, Kenny Rogers is performing at Copper Mountain. I hear that one is free! That sounds like fun!

Want to stay close to home?  The Taste of Colorado will be celebrating for FOUR days!  This is  held in Civic Center Park, where there are other activities from live music to fun things for the kids to do.

These suggestions are only a small sample of things to do this weekend. Hope you can get out and enjoy the wonderful Colorado summer season!