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Home Inspections – Testing for Radon

Home inspections are an important part of making a home purchase. The inspection itself can include a variety of tests both visual and mechanical to determine the flaws (if any) in a home. Testing for radon is very normal in Colorado, as it is very possible to find. Lucky for us, the presence of radon is no longer a big problem because it can easily mediated for a reasonable fee.

Radon Series: Confirming High Readings video provided by U.S. Inspect.

Winterizing Your Home

Sadly the time of year has come when we must think about protecting the central air-conditioning units and sprinkler system.  So far this year we have already had two snow storms.  Lucky for us the temperatures have not been drastically cold, so no damage has been done, yet.

This may be the last opportunity for nice weather.  Let’s spend the time wisely and protect our home investment.  Here’s a short video on How to Winterize Your Home.



Winterizing Your Home video provided by U.S. Inspect.

Garage Door Safety

Almost everyone has an automatic garage door opener these days.  We certainly appreciate the convenience of being able to pull into our garages without having to stop, get out of the car to open and close the garage door.  Seldom do we think about the safety issues that come with having such convenience.

Automatic garage doors need to be checked from time to time to be sure they stop when they meet an object, like our car or worse yet our children and pets.

Here’s a wonderful video that explains the process of inspecting an automatic garage door.  It’s a handy tutorial for homeowners who want to keep up with their home maintenance and homeowners getting ready to sell their homes.



Garage Door Safety video provided by U.S. Inspect.

About Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters ~ GFCI Outlets

Anything that protects your house from catching on fire is worth paying attention to!  There’s nothing more scary when it comes to owning a home than having faulty wiring catch your home on fire.

Simple precautions can prevent this from ever happening.  Here’s a video that explains what a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interruper is and how to be sure it’s working.


All About AFCI Outlets video provided by U.S. Inspect.

GFCI Outlets

Electricity is a mystery to the average homeowner.  We know it’s there, but take it for granted until we flip a switch and the light doesn’t go on!

We sometimes also forget that electricity and water aren’t meant to meet!  That’s why building code helps to protect us from ourselves by requiring GFI outlets in places where both water and outlets are found.

Any electrical outlet within 6-feet of water should be GFCI protected.  But how do they work and how do you know if you have them where they are requred? Also, how do you test to make sure yours are working properly?

Are you awar that an outlet in one bathroom may be reset in another bathroom when tripped?

This video explains GFI circuits and outlets, and tells you how to reset the outlet when you have no power.

GFCI Outlets video provided by U.S. Inspect.