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Lone Tree, Colorado 80124 a Map

Using a Google Map to preview the Lone Tree neighborhood

Lately I’ve been working on creating a Google Map of Lone Tree, Colorado that illustrates the neighborhoods within the community as well as the amenities.

It’s interactive! Click on it!

If you click on the shaded part of a neighborhood, a pop-up window will show a picture of the area.  As you can see I have a lot of work to do, but so far I think this could be a valuable resource for people wanting to know more about Lone Tree, CO.

What do you think?  Does it work?

View Lone Tree, Colorado 80124 in a larger map

Colorado Weather Results in Beauty

Despite this October weekend is fall as per the calendar, our weather hasn’t been paying attention. In Denver there’s been an inversion, meaning it’s cold below freezing cold and it’s not changing.

Up in the mountains above the cloud the sun is shining and the temperature is warmer. I know, I’ve been there.

Last night we drove through the cloud to spend the night at the Conifer Mountain house (ele. 9500). It was 15 degrees warmer there. No kidding.

Among a few other reasons, my main objective was to photograph dawn. Denver didn’t see this, but I did and now you can enjoy it too:

Islands in the Clouds

Low hanging clouds obscured Denver, but from above the view appeared like an island in the sea.  The beautiful pre-dawn light softly warmed the horizon and the swarming clouds.

Oh the way down the hill, we took a drive to over to the south side of the mountain. There we could see Pikes Peak in the distance.  It looks like this:

A view of Pikes Peak from Conifer, Colorado It is a view like this that makes me glad to live in Colorado. I am so thankful that within a few minutes from my home I can see this whenever I wish.

Once again the low clouds hugged the valley offering a bright blue sky to those on an higher vantage.

How can a photographer’s morning get any better?

I wanted to stay and take photos, but there was work to do at  home.  We continued downward, passing through the mountain community of Conifer. This is what we saw: Crystal Morning Conifer

The cloud that engulfed Conifer, froze the landscape, leaving a crystal winter wonderland. The area glistened in the light of day.

Conifer Frozen Meadow Colorado weather is anything but normal.  We have learned to love its surprises both sweet and sour.  Most of the time it’s very nice here.  As you can see even when the temperatures dip we are still rewarded with dazzling results! Conifer Welcome Sign

If you are thinking about moving to Colorado and the metro Denver area, may I suggest the close-in mountains of Conifer?

It just so happens that I know a few outstanding vistas!  Give me a call, I’ll show them to you when we are house hunting!

Lone Tree Ski Bus

The best part of living in Douglas County, Colorado is our proximity to the mountains. This winter has been so mild in the foothills, we have to pinch ourselves to be reminded its winter! When we get longing for snow, we head for the hills!

Lucky Lone Tree residents can enjoy a ski trip to the mountains this year via bus. Departing from the Lone Tree Recreation Center, 10249 RidgeGate Circle, at 7:00 a.m. the bus will visit a new ski area each week. Snow riders will enjoy entertaining movies during the drive.

  • Saturday, February 21 Winter Park
  • Saturday, February 28, Keystone
  • Saturday, March 7, Vail
  • Saturday, March 14, Copper Mountain
  • Sunday, March 22, Winter Park

The cost of the trip is cheaper than driving for Lone Tree residents.

  • $10 for Lone Tree Resident*
  • $18 for South Suburban district residents
  • $24 for non-district residents

* To recieve the Lone Tree discound,you must register in person at the Lone Tree Recreation Center. Please bring validation of Lone Tree residency such as a driver’s license or utility bill showing your Lone Tree address.

Additional details can be found online at Ski Bus .

In the past the ski bus has been very popular, so be sure to reserve a seat now.


Light Rail Rocks Solid for Home Values Along the Line

Two years after the opening of the Southeast Line of RTD’s Light-rail home values are higher than those that are not close to the line.

Reported today in the Denver Post by Margaret Jackson,

The closer a home is to the station, the more its value increases, according to the Your Castle analysis. Homes less than a half-mile from a station increased an average of 17.6 percent, while those 1 1/2 to 2 miles away increased just 0.1 percent on average. The data varied widely among stations, however.

Seeing stronger values along the Light Rail line is not unique to Denver.  Other markets have experienced the same appreciation, ranging anywhere from a mere 2% in San Diego to a whopping 32% in St. Louis.

Considering all the benefits of living along the line it makes sense to change from relying completely on personal transportation. The Light Rail offers convenience of relaxing to and from work, provides a very green alternative and fits well into the lives of so many who enjoy using public transportation.

RTD also partners with various governmental groups to offer discounted rides to frequent users.  In south metro Denver, programs like provide 50% discounts to those working in the southeast Urban Corridor.

Urban Centers along the line are affectionately referred to as TOD’s (Transit Oriented Developments).  If you haven’t heard this term before, remember what it stands for, because you will be hearing more about TOD’s in and around the Denver Metro Area.

Light Rail Offers Commuters

Searching for a home in the Denver Metro area can be frustrating. It’s not that there aren’t many homes to choose from, but often the home buyer’s requirements are at odds with reality. Personal tastes, budget constraints and commute time come into play every time. Today’s buyers are torn with choices finding they cannot have it all.

The optimum scenario for many home buyers is an affordable home in a good school district within 20 minutes to work. It is not surprising to learn, most people don’t care to spend extra time behind the steering wheel. No one wants to waste extra time or have to listen to talk radio any longer than absolutely necessary!

RTD Light Rail at Lincoln Station

RTD Light Rail at Lincoln Station

When I tell my customers about the RTD Light Rail and how convenient it is to take they are delighted! One recent client is planning his home purchase around the Lincoln Light Rail Station. He determined his “commuting threshold” is 45 minutes plus 20 minutes by car to work. He’s fine with this because he plans to get extra work done on the Light Rail. In the past he hated commuting because every minute behind the wheel was a non-productive minute. Now armed with his notebook computer he can turn wasted commuting time into a slotted, regular work day.

Now before you pass judgment with this decision, let’s reveal the rest of the facts. This home buyer just purchased a brand new 2800 s.f. (plus basement) home, 4 bedrooms, den, enormous gourmet kitchen, 3 car garage, backing to open space in a pool community for $325,000! Oh yes and the brainiac daughter gets to go to the Douglas County High School so she can be in the IB Program.

The end result has pleased everyone in the family.

There is never only one answer to a problem. We find solutions to problems by considering all the alternatives then testing them out. I love working with my clients to solve problems and find new and interesting paths to their happiness.