Colorado is a Good Place to Retire!

The top ten states for retirement include Colorado as #6.  Colorado residents enjoy a high life expectancy!  Of course we all know this already, who wants to die when everyday we can wake up and gaze at the beautiful Rocky Mountains and breath the clean fresh air!  Well almost everyday…

If you want to know how the other states rank according to AARP here they are:

  1. Hawaii – great weather and high life expectancy
  2. Idaho – low crime rate and good economy
  3. Utah – good economy
  4. Arizona – good weather and high life expectancy
  5. Virginia – good economy
  6. COLORADO – high life expectancy
  7. Florida (tie) – good weather and  7. New Mexico (tie) – good weather
  8. South Dakota – low crime rate and high life expectancy
  9. California (tie) good weather and high life expectancy (they didn’t mention earthquakes?) and Texas (tie) – warm weather and solid economy

OK so my title say Top 10, but there are 11 States mentioned here.  Two are tied, given that we are missing #10.  What state do you think that should be?