American Girl, formerly an online retailer opened a wonderful store in Park Meadows Mall this past spring.  The store opening was quite an event bringing in beautiful little girls from all over the Denver metro area.

Several months later the store is still impacting the area.  When I converse with people who are relocating to the area, all I need to do is mention Park Meadows and frequently (depending upon the age and gender of their family) I hear, "Oh, yes!  That's where the new American Girl Store is!"

Yes, it is.  Douglas County, Colorado a quiet suburb of metro Denver has found fame thanks to the legendary American Girl dolls!

My hubby has a granddaughter who just turned 9.  I mentioned to him, if he wanted to be a "hero" he should shop for her present there.  He listened, but not first without checking with Mom.  Of course Mom thought it was a wonderful idea for Gramps to present the 9-year old with her dream-come-true doll!  So he did.

Now he's created a monster!  These lovely dolls are made to be accessorized! The character dolls have a wide assortment of wardrobes available for purchase!  In fact there is a styling salon in the store so the dolls can be coiffed when the need arises.

Next door at my favorite restaurant, White Chocolate, they have made it known they are "doll friendly." So when little girls show up with dolls in tow, they can be seated in special doll seats at the table, just like the family siblings only more miniature.

So American Girl found their niche, they cater to the dreams of 9-11 year-old females.  Apparently that niche is well stocked in Douglas County, Colorado!

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