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This image, "Sunflower Fields Forever" is one of my favorites.  It was taken a couple years ago when some wonderful farmer decided to plant sunflowers just to the east of Denver International Airport or DIA as we call it around here.  The sunflower field was enormous and it did seem to go on forever.  On a clear day we would also see the Rocky Mountains in the background.  What a sight it was!  I spend many hours hanging out in the field enjoying the view in different kinds of light.

Something I noticed about the sunflowers, they have distinct personalities.   Some were happy others were sad.  Some really stood out amongst the crowd where others wanted to hang with friend, seemingly to blend with the crowd.  For the most part they all stood at attention facing in the same general direction, then there would be that one rebel who found it necessary to face the other way.  Or  maybe he wasn't a rebel at all but a good guy just looking out for his friends.  Either way, good for him!

OK, so I admit maybe I spent too many hours with my sunflower friends, but I'm none the worst for it,  I look forward to joining them again this year!  I hope you will have the joy of seeing this marvelous sight.  In the meantime, feel free to download this image and if you are so inclined share it with a friend!

Love Colorado!

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Where can I download this image?

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