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Free Resource Guide for Selling Your Home

Selling Your Denver Home

Questions to consider when selling your home

This year in the Metro Denver market we have had a strong appreciation, where home prices are returning to their former levels.  Many homeowners who were “underwater” with their mortgages are now finding they have equity.  This is good news because it opens up the opportunity for homeowners to sell.

Is now a good time to sell?

In a word, yes!  Due to the high demand for homes to purchase, sellers are enjoying a “seller’s market”.  A seller’s market is defined by the “days on market”.  When the days on market is 25 weeks or less (6.25 months), it is a seller’s market.  We go even further to define the seller’s market as “Extreme Seller’s Market” when the available inventory is from 0-12 weeks.

How do we calculate the number of weeks inventory?

This is a simple math calculation.  The number of homes for sale (during the month) is divided by the number of homes sold (during the month)=weeks of inventory.

This is not a perfect calculation as these numbers fluctuates as home come on the market. But still, it gives us good guidance as to know if values are increasing or decreasing.  This is important for a home owner to know when they are preparing to sell.

How do I determine the price?

As a Realtor, I can evaluate these numbers when preparing a pricing strategy for the home.  Looking at comparable sold properties that happened in the past is one portion of pricing equation.  One needs to evaluate the future home price based on demand.  The value could be significantly more if there is a great demand for the home.

At the same time one needs to be very cautious about getting to aggressive and over-pricing the home.  Over-pricing can be detrimental in the long run, causing the home to become “shop-worn” from being on the market too long.  Buyers are weary of homes that don’t sell quickly. They are concerned that there is “something” wrong with the property they might not be able to see.

How long will it take to sell my home?

Good question and one that I can only answer based on past history.  I look at the “days on market” other homes in that price range and neighborhood have sold for and usually can give you a good estimate.

Right now in Metro Denver the days on market varies by price range.  Of course it only makes sense that more houses sell in the “average” and below price range than above.  If your home is in the average or below price range it stands to reason the timing for sale will be very similar.

There are extenuating factors that could change the days on market

  • Condition
  • Location
  • Accepting a contract with buyers who aren’t qualified, committed, reasonable

Condition of your home has a bearing on who will buy it.  If your home is in need of updating or major repairs, not everyone in the market is up to do that.  The home will need to be priced right so buyers who want to do repairs can afford to purchase AND do the repairs.  There are many companies that will offer to “buy your ugly house” but beware they are in the business to make a profit and the offer they give you will be a “wholesale price”.  I can guarantee I can find a buyer for more than they will pay you, including what you need after you pay me!  

Location is really a tough one. You’ve probably hear the real estate mantra, location, location, location.  Well if you are in a good location, you did well.  If you purchased in a poor location or the location has gotten poor since you bought, you will just need to deal with it.  That means compensating for it in price or providing irresistible terms to a buyer.  There are many strategies to get you out of a bad location, it all depends on the situation.

Don’t despair just remember “one man’s house is another man’s castle.”

Contract fallout is a huge issue right now with our fast paced Metro Denver real estate market.  Buyers are literally purchasing homes and then getting buyer’s remorse and walking away from the contract.  I think it’s because the competition demands that they act before they have fully digested the big decision they are making.  People really need to have choices. When that is taken away from them they become uncertain.

How do we prevent this?  Working with the seller, I dig as deep as I can into the buyer’s qualifications.  Just because they wrote an offer doesn’t necessarily mean they can and will perform.  By researching their qualifications and asking more questions I hopefully can ferret out the unserious buyers.  It means a lot to my sellers when they have the piece of mind the transaction will go as planned.

Free Guide: Things to Consider When Selling Your House.

Keeping Current Matters offers a wonderful resource guide for Home Owners with questions about selling their homes.  You can click on the link below that will take you to my Evernote account where you can download/view the book at your leisure.  If you have questions about the local market, please feel free to send me an email or call.  I welcome your contact!


Download your free guide here

Click here for English Version “Things to Consider When Selling Your House

Click here for Spanish Version “Que Cosas Tener En Cuenta Al Vender Su Casa”


Dreaming of Moving to Colorado?

Sand Hill Cranes Migrating to Colorado

Sand Hill Cranes Migrating to Colorado

Yesterday I received a call later in the evening than most people work. It was from a gentleman in Texas who had an opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado. He was excited but overwhelmed at the cost of our housing. He needed to talk.

I always enjoy these chats with people who want to fulfill their Colorado Dream. It wasn’t so very long ago I had the same dream. I remember how I looked forward to living in a beautiful environment where the air is clean and the ever present view lifted my spirits!

Relocation Hurdles

Moving from one part of the country to another comes with much anxiety about where to start. There are questions about the cost of living, distances and amount of time it takes to commute. Families with children always want to know about the school system. Mostly people want to know how much home they can buy with their money.

Denver’s housing market is not the most expensive in the country but it is much higher than many areas, especially Texas! The gentleman I was talking to was overwhelmed by the cost of our homes.

Granted our median sales price in metro Denver is $250,000, our property taxes are the fifth to the last least expensive in the county. Comparing the final house payment in Denver to one in Houston where the taxes are higher would compensate. Houston has the 5th highest rate of property taxes while Denver is ranked at 45th in the nation.

Comparing Square Footage

Another thing we discusses was the difference in the size of homes. Unlike Texas, Colorado homes typically have basements. This extra square footage in not always represented in the listings found on the Internet. Thus when comparing homes you are getting the size as measured “above ground” leaving out a significant portion of the home that is “below ground.”

While these differences may not totally compensate for the price differential, they certainly help. Living in Colorado is more expensive, but if you ask people who live here, it’s worth it!

Your Denver Relocation Resource

Have questions about a possible relocation to Denver?  Give me a call, I can help answer some of your pressing questions and help you make that move a smooth one!


Source of information on State Tax Rankings: http://taxfoundation.org/article/facts-figures-2013-how-does-your-state-compare

Denver Relocation Expert Helps Camera Relocate to Clearwater FL

This week  Denver Dwellings welcomes a good friend and fellow photographer from Clearwater Florida, Cyndee Haydon.  I “met” Cyndee online years ago when she began blogging. Her passion for her business was clearly expressed in her blogging.  Due to her love for her area she has attracted many people to her part of the world.  My husband and I visited a few years ago and fell in love with Clearwater and the nice sandy beaches.  If you have a goal to own a beach condo, I would suggest you subscribe to Cyndee’s blog.  She will keep you up-to-date on the Clearwater real estate market and probably tempt you into purchasing a home there!  I know she tempted me!

Denver Relocation Expert Helps Camera Relocate to Clearwater FL

If my camera could talk, oh the sights it has seen and stories it could tell. You see my camera actually relocated from Denver Colorado to Clearwater Florida with the help of a Denver Relocation specialist, none other than your own Kristal Kraft. You see I met Kristal about five years ago when I began my Clearwater Beach real estate blog .

As you know, Kristal is not only knowledgable about Denver Real Estate and relocation, she’s also an accomplished photographer. I have always admired her pictures and along the way she’s been generous enough to share many tips on how to capture great pictures of everything from beautiful sunsets to neighborhood shots to creating the perfect MLS photo to showcase a home at it’s best.

Well in 2007 I had your typical digital camera. You know the kind that fits easily in your pocket or purse. It was always with me and being convenient I tended to snap lots of local pictures when I was out and about.  That was a good thing because as they say, “done is better than perfect”.  However I soon realized I wanted to be able take better pictures after seeing a variety of quality work by fellow Realtors like Kristal Kraft and Teresa Boardman. The photo bug had bit me and I knew I wanted to take my pictures to the next level which meant I needed a better camera… and that’s where Kristal came in.

Then opportunity knocked around Christmas a few years ago because I heard Kristal was looking to upgrade her camera to a newer model. Well you guessed it, I  jumped at the chance to buy her “old one”, a Canon Rebel XT with an 18-55mm lens and that was the start of a new and on-going love of photography. I am still enjoying it and learning more everyday.

When it comes to taking pictures of our Clearwater beach condos for sale there’s no comparison to the old pictures and pictures we take now using a wide angle lens.

It’s really a shame that it’s not mandatory for Realtors to have to take pictures of your home with a wide angle lens because with over 90% of home buyers starting their home search online, pictures today are often like yesterday’s open houses and first showings of the past as people view them and decide which properties to will take a secondo look at by actually arranging to see them in person.

So it makes sense that if the pictures of your home stink it’s definitely going to handicap you ability to get your home sold. While many of my pictures are of Clearwater beach real estate, my favorite pictures are of the majestic Clearwater Florida  sunsets – and than’s to Kristal my pictures are definitely better now that they’re taken with the special Denver camera that relocated to Clearwater Florida.


Tools of Technology Assist Relocation to Denver

Moving to Greater Denver area may not hold so much mystery as it once did.  From the comfort of our easy chair we can surf the ‘net viewing homes inside and out.  Property searches yield so much information with just a click of the mouse; school accountability scores, neighborhood demographics, crime statistics, taxes, etc.

Google Street View is Great for Denver Relocation!

Now Google has taken the information explosion even further with Google Street View.  If you want to get the “feel” of driving down the street visit maps.google.com type in an address and click.  If you have used an address located in the Greater Denver area, you will find most of the streets have a visual, just like driving down the street!

Neighborhood Photos Help When Moving to Denver!

Note the little “yellow” pegman situated on the in the upper left corner.  Dragging him onto the map will turn the streets blue, indicating there are user generated photos of the area.  Amazing as it sounds, many photographers (just regular folks like you and me)  are now publicly sharing their photos with geo tags sending info to Google for viewing on these maps.  The photos are garnered from photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picassa.

I love the interactivity that enables us to quickly determine if a neighborhood might work.  Of course the Street View photography results are sometimes less than wonderful.  I looked up my own house only to be disappointed that the Google guys drove by on trash day!  Now my house will forever be adorned with the lovely green mini-dumpster I so love looking at!

Inbound Coming!

Rearview-relocation If you are looking in the rearview seeing an increase of out of state license plates, you aren’t alone.  We are all noticing this.

According to a report released by United Van Lines Colorado is one of the most popular inbound states for relocation.

Where are the people coming from? The top three states are:

  1. Michigan
  2. Illinois
  3. Indiana

Welcome inbound people!  You are going to love it here! Our mufflers don’t rust out and the mosquitos are scarce (please don’t bring any from home!)