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Colorado Weather Results in Beauty

Despite this October weekend is fall as per the calendar, our weather hasn’t been paying attention. In Denver there’s been an inversion, meaning it’s cold below freezing cold and it’s not changing.

Up in the mountains above the cloud the sun is shining and the temperature is warmer. I know, I’ve been there.

Last night we drove through the cloud to spend the night at the Conifer Mountain house (ele. 9500). It was 15 degrees warmer there. No kidding.

Among a few other reasons, my main objective was to photograph dawn. Denver didn’t see this, but I did and now you can enjoy it too:

Islands in the Clouds

Low hanging clouds obscured Denver, but from above the view appeared like an island in the sea.  The beautiful pre-dawn light softly warmed the horizon and the swarming clouds.

Oh the way down the hill, we took a drive to over to the south side of the mountain. There we could see Pikes Peak in the distance.  It looks like this:

A view of Pikes Peak from Conifer, Colorado It is a view like this that makes me glad to live in Colorado. I am so thankful that within a few minutes from my home I can see this whenever I wish.

Once again the low clouds hugged the valley offering a bright blue sky to those on an higher vantage.

How can a photographer’s morning get any better?

I wanted to stay and take photos, but there was work to do at  home.  We continued downward, passing through the mountain community of Conifer. This is what we saw: Crystal Morning Conifer

The cloud that engulfed Conifer, froze the landscape, leaving a crystal winter wonderland. The area glistened in the light of day.

Conifer Frozen Meadow Colorado weather is anything but normal.  We have learned to love its surprises both sweet and sour.  Most of the time it’s very nice here.  As you can see even when the temperatures dip we are still rewarded with dazzling results! Conifer Welcome Sign

If you are thinking about moving to Colorado and the metro Denver area, may I suggest the close-in mountains of Conifer?

It just so happens that I know a few outstanding vistas!  Give me a call, I’ll show them to you when we are house hunting!

Time for Elk Fest

It is Friday and that means it’s time to take a day off and travel to one of Colorado’s many wonders! This weekend I suggest going up the Estes Park the lovely town at the entrance gate to Rocky Mountain National Park. RockyMtnNationalPark-view

I was there yesterday enjoying the majestic scenery of snow capped mountains, golden colors of the Aspen trees and listening to the bugling call of the Elk.

It is mating time for the Elk, a time know as The Rut.  Bull Elks roam the park collecting females for their harem.

Typically one would expect this process to occur far up in the hills. But no, here  the Elk are everywhere.  One can even park at the visitor’s Center in Estes and watch the herds on the golf course! RockyMtnNationalPark-ElkHerd

One of the beautiful benefits of the park is the safety it provides the wildlife.  They don’t seem to mind the presence of humans who line the roads watching and photographing their every move!

As dusk approaches the herds will gather in meadows. It is not uncommon to see a couple of Bull Elk duke it out with their antlers.  Of course crowds gather along the roadside in happy anticipation of this event.

If you plan to travel to the park, ask the Park Rangers where the best places to view the wildlife.  They are very helpful and will offer the best viewing suggestions. RockyMtnNationalPark-Bullelk

The weekend of September 3 & 4 is the Annual Celebration of Elk Fest . The Fest offers a variety of events including:

  • Educational Seminars
  • Mountain Man Rendezvous
  • Elk-viewing Bus Tours
  • Live Music
  • Wildlife and Raptor Exhibits
  • Vendors Displaying Wildlife-related Merchandise
  • Native American Storytelling, Music and Dance
  • Bugling Competitions – all ages and levels

Parts of the park are now closed to automobile traffic, including Trail Ridge Road, the longest, highest continuous highway in North America.  This is a thrilling drive in the summer, but the road is not maintained once the snow falls.