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Make Your Eyes Smile

Each year for the past 34 years, we celebrate the end of summer on the Labor Day weekend by watching the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic. This show never fails to inspire and excite the crowds both young and old. I know I never tire of the spectacle watching the colorful balloons against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

This year Pikes Peak was dry, no snow on top, but the sky was a beautiful blue early in the morning. We visited on Sunday, when the wind took the balloons over the city to the north toward the U.S. Air Force Academy. I would have loved to see some of the surprised faces when the balloons had to land in high density residential areas!

Typically the wind blows to the south. The balloons have a tradition of dipping in Prospect Lake, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they make such a fine image with the balloon reflecting in the water? Or maybe they just like to get their feet wet?

I shot some images that morning, thought I would share them here. It’s just one of the many reasons I love living in Colorado. We have so many wonderful things to do.


We Really Are Connected

Sunset-Smokey Night in Highlands Ranch As the fires burn in California we in Colorado are feeling the effects.  It took a couple days to figure out what was going on when the sun didn’t shine on our Rocky Mountains. Then it dawned, we weren’t walking around in some dull, lifeless cloud or the misty puffiness of fog, but nasty, dirty old smoke!

We need rain.  Actually I’d be happy to give our rain to California right now.  I can’t imagine how miserable it must be in LA right now.

Maybe, just maybe we can do a virtual rain dance and wet down the grassy hills of Southern California.

I’m game, how about you?

Who Needs Trees When We Have These?

It’s a Matter of Perspective

100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 40)

This is a very short tip with a very big picture.


If we had trees, we couldn’t see these.

Much of my Denver Familiarization tours deal with questions from transferees who come from all parts of the country or world. Since Denver is high plains desert, our climate and what naturally grows here is often radically different than where a consumer comes from. I remember how strange the area looked to me when I first arrived from the east coast. It seemed barren due to the lack of trees.

It didn’t take long for me to develop a very deep appreciation for the beautry of the area. They ever changing sky and the exquisite beauty mountains more than make up for the lack of green trees.

Actually now when I go home to New Jersey for a visit, it seems so dark and dreary to me, the trees obscure my view!

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