About Kristal Kraft

That's me!  Talking about myself or rather writing about myself is not exactly something I feel comfortable doing.  Guess it comes from my old fashioned up bringing where tooting your own horn was not looked upon kindly!  

Actually I feel pretty comfortable expressing myself from behind the lens of a camera.  It's my advocation, the place I go to focus on the beauty that surrounds me.  In Colorado that's pretty easy.  In 2003 I started blogging about Denver Real Estate.  It was a fun thing to do as a service to my customers and readers of my blog.  

As the writing progressed I found a need to take images to illustrate my points.  That's when the photography monster in me took over!  Now a days I'd rather use the photo to express those 1000 words!


I obtained my Colorado Brokers Licenses in 1984. Wow, that's a long time ago. Well maybe to some it is but to me it seems like only a few years ago!  Over that time I have lived, experienced and survived the many ups and downs in the real estate market.  My head overflows with real estate war stories that sometimes I use as examples of what not to do when buying/selling real estate!  

If experience is the teacher than I have a degree!  My experience is actually a plus for my clients who lack their own.  Knowing where the land mines are and how to avoid them in this business is priceless.


As with any trade one must keep up with the changes in the industry.  This ranges from laws, processes and technology.  In effort to always be at my best I'm constantly taking classes and workshops to keep my skills up.  Some of my industry designations are:

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist

ABR - Accredited Buyer Representative

ePRO - a professional technology designation

GRI - Graduate of the Real Estate Institute

MCNE - Master Certified Negotiation Expert 


Over my career I've had the privilege to hold leadership positions some which include:

WCR - President Pikes Peak

CRS - Colorado State President 

REBARcamp - a cool ad hoc group organized to provide tech training to real estate agents, I lead the Denver area group for several years until I retired it.


Above all else I am blessed to have 3 great kids and their awesome spouses.  They are my best work!  They all live nearby so I get to see my grandchildren (no # here because it keeps changing...haha humble brag!).  


If you are looking for representation that comes with old fashioned no nonsense, straight talk, I'm your gal.  I've never cared for the "sales pitch" so I don't deliver one.  It's just not my style.  I call things as I see them. I listen to your needs and then find a way to satisfy them.  If you want to buy a house I will tell you how you can do so, you decide if you want too, I don't twist your arm!  When it comes to selling property I absolutely love the marketing aspect. I use technology and great, great photos to get the word out.

If you have questions about me, my marketing plan, or Colorado Real Estate in general, feel free to call me.  Seriously, I welcome your call!

Kristal Kraft Denver Realtor


P.S. Photo credit - Emelyn Morris-Sayre Thanks!