The Country Life in and around Denver

What does country living mean to you?

Wide open spaces, unobstructed views as far as the eye can see, neighbors beyond yelling distance and a barn full of four legged creatures?

In the Denver metro area, the reality of finding all of these features means a very long commute! The Denver megalopolis sprawls approximately 32 miles north and south. East and west is 21 miles, with the city of Denver in the center. Most of the housing is located in subdivisions with average size lots. Finding a lot of an acre or more is next to impossible, or rather finding an affordable acre is impossible.

Buffalo roam at Daniel’s Park in Douglas County

Finding Country Living near Denver, Colorado
If you are attracted to the country lifestyle, it can be found in many of the small towns surrounding the metro area. The key to finding these towns lies in the fact that all of them are on the perimeter of the map. Many towns like Castle Rock, Parker and Brighton were once considered by locals to be distant to the city are fast becoming part of the urban sprawl.

If your wish is to simply have more land, you can find 2 1/2 acre lots and up in the closer regions (Douglas, Elbert, Arapahoe, Adams and Weld Counties).

Please be advised that you will need to be prepared to pay higher prices the closer in to the city you are located. Land is expensive, so remember the more land you want, the more you will pay. If you are on a budget that means less house (or quality of house) for more land to accomplish meeting the budget.

In dollars and cents you can expect to pay these entry level* prices for a home on 2+ acres:

Low $200,000’s Mid $200,000’s High $200,000 $300,000’s $400,000’s
Elizabeth Parker Franktown Littleton Centennial
Kiowa Elbert Castle Rock    
Deertrail Sedalia Black Forest    
Simla Bennett      
Palmer Lake Larkspur      
  Ft. Lupton      

As always there are exceptions to every rule, homes on smaller lots (1 acre or so) can be located, but they are not commonly found. Please use this measure as a guide, when in question please call and I can check on availability. My purpose in this presentation is to discourage ideas that you can move to the area and find a home on a large parcel of land for less than $200,000. Need more direction on where to find your “lifestyle?” If you find you need a local person to talk to, pick up the phone and call me. I can help by giving you a few suggestions. There’s nothing like a friendly voice who knows what it’s like to be moving to an unfamiliar place. I live here, I know the area, I can help, so don’t be bashful!

* Entry level prices defined, when this term is used it refers to the least price found in an area. This is not the average price, so homes at entry level price may not be representative of the area.

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