Cost of Living Comparison

Denver housing is not as expensive as many cities, but more expensive than most. The good news is, we continue to have appreciation of values, due to the fact we are a popular destination city. People want to live and work near the Rocky Mountains. So many in fact that over the next decade we will add one million people to the in-coming population of Colorado.



Cost of Living Comparison  
United States Cities  
City Index
New York City -(base) 100.0
Los Angeles, California 84.7
Chicago, Illinois 83.7
San Francisco, California 83.6
Honolulu, Hawaii 82.4
Miami, Florida 81.8
Houston, Texas 78.5
Washington, DC 77.0
Boston, Mass 76.7
Morristown, New Jersey 76.7
Atlanta, Georgia 74.0
Denver, Colorado 73.8
St. Louis, Missouri 73.6
Minneapolis, Minnesota 71.9
Seattle, Washington 70.6
Cleveland, Ohio 68.6
International Cities  
City Index
Hong Kong 124.2
Moscow, Russia 120.0
Tokyo, Japan 117.5
Beijing, China 111.4
New York City, USA 100.0
London, UK 91.0
Singapore 82.2
Mexico City, Mexico 80.8
Zurich, Switzerland 79.8
Tel Aviv, Israel 78.2
Oslo, Norway 71.1
Warsaw, Poland 74.6
Denver, Colorado, USA 73.8
Copenhagen, Denmark 69.3
Paris, France 66.8
Sydney, Australia 62.2
Rome, Italy 61.0
Berlin, Germany 59.7

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