Over the years I've spent a fair amount of time in airports. No I'm not a full time traveling road warrior but I've had my far share of airport experience.

One thing I know is most airports are cold. It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside it will be cold inside. Also there is a direct relativity to the length of time you spend in an airport and the temperature. The longer you stay the colder it gets.

Most people think the refrigerated air is a relief from the outside temps. This is only a smoke screen, the reality is refrigerated air is sponsored by the t-shirt shops.

The lower your body temp drops the more it craves that obscure logo'ed t-shirt that you will never wear again.

A tip I learned from a friend when we spent an extra 14 hours in freezing South American country...news papers provide satisfactory insulation from the cold. They aren't pretty but they are cheap and if you are creative, they are free!

Another lesson I've learned is to always carry certain items together. For example if you have a cell phone and charger be sure you pair them with you not separately. Same holds true for the computer and power supply cord. One without the other renders them both useless.

Another simple pairing is a tooth brush and toothpaste. Yes one can purchase these highly desirable items in the airport , but if you are like me I like to put that amount of money towards something more useful . Like my mortgage.

In case you are wondering what my airport wisdom has to do with Denver real estate, well not much really. I am currently stuck in an airport in Fresno, California on my way to a real estate conference in San Francisco.

Apparently San Francisco has this nasty habit of developing fog. Thus my delay and the delays of scores of others around the country.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are a little savvy airport wisdom helps. So does bringing along some crackers, cheese and a bottle of wine.