A blog post written by Mandelman Matters was forwarded to me today from a lender friend who knows how I feel about  the Bank of America. I've ranted written about one of my experiences most recently in Bank of America #FAIL and that is only one case of the many unrecorded, unpublished frustrations and astonishment's of the bad performances we get to deal with on a daily basis.

Well it looks like 15 Texas Homeowners and the Texas Housing Justice League have decided they can't take it anymore and are now suing Bank of America for Abusive Practices.

In the interest of time, I will now use only the keywords describing the gripes against Bank of America as accused by the Texas Homeowners.

Scheme, misleading, inconsistent, lost correspondence, verbal abuse, extensive delay, money, health, harsh, shuffled, no resolution, dysfunctional, barrage of misinformation, misdirection, deliberate inactivity, abuse, harassment, yo-yo. blocked at every turn, labyrinth of transfers, hundreds of hours on the telephone, transferred, never speak to same person again, contradictions, complaints meet with resistance, no supervisors available, unaccountable departments, asked to sign same documents three, four or even five times, negotiators who would not return telephone calls, not isolated incidents, pattern and practice by Bank of America.

OK so my 3rd grade English teacher would prefer full sentences, but I ask, "why?"  These words paint the full picture.

So tell me folks, why on earth would anyone knowing this and in their right mind ever use Bank of America for anything, except the Defendant?

Three cheers for the 15 Texas Families.  You go Lone Star!