My friend Leigh Brown in Charlotte, N.C. had clients who purchased a Bank of America Short Sale.  AFTER closing Bank of America had people going into the home to TRASH it out!  This is a huge communication problem!

Homes get "trashed out" when they are foreclosures ready to be prepared to resell, NOT after a closing! DUH!  I can't image the horror and fear these people must feel knowing that any moment a Trash Out Team will break into their home and haul all their possessions away!

That's exactly what Trash Out Teams do, they remove personal property from the house and take it to the dump (or keep it for themselves!). The bank instructs them to do this so don't direct anger at them, it's the STUPID Bank of America that is so messed up they don't know what the right hand is doing to the left.

Listen to Leigh, and hope to have her or someone like her go to bat for you!