Berthoud has always been known as a great place to raise a family, but now the small town 45 miles north of


is trying to establish itself as a great place to do business.  With a quaint tree-lined

Main Street

, bright-colored Victorian homes and a collection of parks, the “Garden Spot of Colorado” attracts families wanting to live in the small town of yesteryear.  A new 1,600-acre development has been proposed along Interstate 25 near the Berthoud exit.  Wilson Ranch, as it is known, is a mixed-use project being developed by McWhinney Enterprises that will include as many as 4,000 dwelling units and 5.3 million square feet of commercial, retail and office space.  The project could easily double Berthoud’s population over the next 25 years.  “We want to grow; we need to grow, but we want smart growth that will keep this community alive without losing its character,” states Michelle Jurs, executive director of the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce.  (Source:  The


Post 07/10/05)