Board LifeRecently on a photo walk with a friend we ended up in NW Denver.  Photowalks are fun events for wannabe photographers to gather and meet in a location and just walk around.  We weren't looking for anything in particular, just interesting shots to take and share on our respective blogs.

On this day we got to meet the owners of a new Skate Board establishment called BoardLife Deck It Out that will be officially opening when their space is finished at 2000 W. 30th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80211.

The young gentleman we chatted with was telling us about their concept of letting skate board buyers create their own design of skate board.  It sounded like a lot of fun.  If I wasn't too old to board, I'd certainly be tempted to try!  Here's a blurb on what they are about, taken from their website:

The Deck it Out program brings out your inner board style! Kids young and old can create their own unique longboards from the deck down including the shape and color of the deck (board) to the trucks, wheels, bearings and grip. Not sure what grip is? Not a problem. Our knowledgeable staff can educate and guide you as you build your dream board.

I love the concept.  What a great fun gift for a kid to create and use!  I forgot to mention the new business is located adjacent to the Little Man Ice Cream place, so a trip to that part of town will be a double treat!