Denver metro builders have done a very good job of gauging the need of the market.  We are under stocked (as per the national average) for new home inventory. 

Still there are new homes that are existing inventory homebuilders want to move by year-end.  If a homebuyer were in the position to purchase by year-end, he could realize a nice savings by purchasing (and closing) by the end of December.

It’s best not to wait too long.  Many builders want their inventory gone, but they cut off the “year-end” before the actual calendar year-end.  The time frame differs with each builder, but if you don’t want to wait until Christmas and expect to close this year.

Your best bet is to grab your agent and find out what s/he knows about the various builders close out specials.  If you don’t have an agent,
call The Berkshire Group, REALTORS 303-513-1436 or e-mail for the savings scoop!