ByohtOccasionally my imagination gets a workout when I'm driving down the
highway.  I see a moving van and wonder who's possessions are inside.
Where are they going?  Where are they coming from?  How long (if ever)
will it take them to sort through the boxes to assemble order to their

I've personally moved more times in my life than I care to count.  Most
moves were only from one neighborhood to another nearby.  Two, no
three  moves were across country.  Never were these moves made easier
for me and my family by us having professional help.  We always did the
"do it yourself" thing, packing, driving and unpacking ourselves.

Moving for us was always an adventure of sorts.  I remember being
excited about driving the enormous U-Haul truck by myself.  No, it
wasn't so much the driving the truck part that excited me, it was the
"by myself" part.  My three little kids, who I love dearly were also a
pleasure to be separate from at times!

On that same trip I came close to it being "my final destination."
After stopping for food, I restarted the journey with the emergency
brake on.  Not having deep experience of feeling for the truck, I
didn't even notice!  It wasn't long until my trailing husband cut me
off, making me  pull off the road.  He motioned me out of the truck and
jumped inside. He drove off through a huge mud puddle, thankfully
putting out the fire that had started from the burning brakes!

Adventure like this is one I can live without!

Moving to a new home should be an adventure, maybe not as wild as my experience, but an adventure of finding a new neighborhood with new friends and new activities.  So bring your familiar possessions, the spouse, the kids and pets (if you have them), then embrace the experience as a mission in making memories.

BYOHT means Bring Your Own Hot Tub (see the photo above) my inspiration for this post.