Relocation to Denver

Jan. 6, 2014

Dreaming of Moving to Colorado?

Sand Hill Cranes Migrating to Colorado Sand Hill Cranes Migrating to Colorado

Yesterday I received a call later in the evening than most people work. It was from a gentleman in Texas who had an opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado. He was excited but overwhelmed at the cost of our housing. He needed to talk ...

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Nov. 27, 2012

Colorado is a Good Place to Retire!

The top ten states for retirement include Colorado as #6.  Colorado residents enjoy a high life expectancy!  Of course we all know this already, who wants to die when everyday we can wake up and gaze at the beautiful Rocky Mountains and breath the clean fresh air!  ...

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Oct. 6, 2011

Autumn Rocks the Rockies!

Life after Real Estate

Changing of the seasons is one thing Colorado does best!  My favorite season is fall.  In the fall we still have nice weather with very cool, crisp nights.  The leaves on the trees turn all shades of yellow and sometimes orange.  With the backdrop of the ... View More
Aug. 27, 2011

Natural Disasters in Colorado

Natural Disasters and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

100 Real Estate and Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 14)

One of the really great things about living in Metro Denver is the relative freedom from natural threats to human safety.With that said, it is foolish to ...

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June 7, 2011

What Denver and Sacramento Real Estate Have in Common

Guest Blogger and Sacramento REALTOR® Gena Riede is a good friend. We knew each other through blogging long before we met in person.  Gena has a flair for selling real estate and is very good with helping both buyers and sellers meet their goals.  One bit of trivia about Gena ...

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May 22, 2011

From Online to "At Home" in Indianapolis

This week's guest post is by Paula Henry who writes for Home To Indy, Indianapolis Real Estate Guide.  Paula has up-close and personal insight when it comes to Relocation.  She has moved back and forth across the country more than once.  Let's hear from Paula:

“Hey honey ...

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April 23, 2011

Denver's Population is Young

Denver Relocation News

People who live in Denver are never surprised to learn how young the overall population is.  Denver is very appealing because of the many attractions and benefits of living here.

Great schools of higher education attract students.  Once students experience the joy of living in ...

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April 16, 2011

Map of Private Schools in Denver

Metro Denver has a wonderful selection of Private Schools

View Denver Private Schools in a larger map

If your school is missing, please forward all the relevant information to me, I will add it.

Feb. 7, 2011

Denver Real Estate Statistics

Denver real estate graphs from Altos Research indicate the decrease in inventory as prices have decreased.

These three charts indicate the stats across the top, middle and bottom of the price ranges in Denver.

Oct. 26, 2010

Lifestyle & Whole Foods Rules Moves Now

Denver Real Estate & Relocation Talk

Jogging trail high above Highlands ranch on Highlands Ridge.Relocation and Whole Foods

Times have changed and so have the focus of people moving to Colorado.  It wasn't long ago that people were most concerned about the school district, a clean safe neighborhood and how long the commute to work would ...

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