, what an interesting word.  It relates to so many things, visual,
graphical, cognitive and point of view.  Today I was trying to gain
some perspective on where my current client is coming from.  She is
moving here from New York, the Borough of Queens.  I've been to this
area, but I can't say that I paid attention to the real estate there.
So with the help of my trusty computer, I pulled up some comparables.

about 5 minutes or so, I now have a reasonable perspective of where my
new client is coming from and what her expectations will be.  I love
being able to speak to her needs.  Understanding where a buyer is
coming from helps me help them.  Helping people by making them happy is
what I try to do.

Denver Real estate
and relocation is sometimes about changing a person's perspective.
When people relocate to Denver, I try to learn what the biggest
transformation will be for them.  Depending on where they are coming
from, I usually  nail it on the head.

The east coast people like
trees.  We don't have trees (from their perspective) in reality we do,
just not enough.  Well I change their perspective by telling them to
look at our HUGE sky.  We can see for 100 miles, now if we had tons of
trees we'd  miss that awesome view!  Have you ever seen 100 miles of
snow capped Rocky Mountains?

BAM!  Perspective changed.

<Photo is of The Yearling, by Donald LIpski taken by Kristal Kraft, Realtor>