Denver Relocation Tip: Clues for Cutting Moving Expenses

100 Real Estate  Tips in 100 Days (Day 38)

Relocating to a new neighborhood at a distant location can be very expensive. Not all people moving have the benefit of a relocation package or the excess cash to complete the move.

Many folks rely on the do-it-yourself options like U-Haul Penske or Budget truck rentals. These companies offer one-way truck rental, so you can pack and unpack yourself. The fees involved typically are per diem, plus gas and mileage.

Prices for these rentals will vary according to location. Oddly enough some locations do not need additional trucks and will charge a premium if you plan to drop it off there.

Availability can also be an issue. Often times clients have told me they reserved a truck, only to discover there were no trucks available when they went to pick up their truck. Incidents like these can upset the schedule in a well planned move.

Having an extra vehicle (or two) to drive across country is not always an easy problem to solve. Hauling a vehicle is possible, but if one is not skilled in such an operation, the risk may not be worth taking. Making two trips long distance is not a bad idea, if one has the time. But that too can eat up any savings hoped for by doing-it-yourself.

Consider paring down your possessions and selling everything you can. Is taking that old jalopy worth it? Perhaps buying a new car at the new destination is a better idea.

Another option is doing only part of the move yourself. My clients have reported using a service called ABF U-Pack Moving. This service delivers an empty trailer or RELOCube to your home. You are allowed two days to pack up your possessions before they come take your trailer or Cube away. Once your trailer is gone, you can hop in your car(s) and drive carefree to your new location.

The U-Pack option provides a bid that includes gas and transportation costs, so there are no delightful surprises! My clients who have used this service claim they paid "a fraction" of what a full service moving company would charge. They also noted that the trailer was not in the cleanest condition, so they spread vinyl sheets on the floor prior to packing.

The trailer is not typically delivered directly, it comes depending upon the other shipments scheduled. It may mean a few extra days of waiting for your goods.

If you are like most folks, packing and unpacking is a major pain. You will be happy to know that you can also hire people to pack your goods on each end of your journey. U-Haul offers an online service where you can schedule Moving Helpers by date and location.

Another option to consider is to call a local moving company to simply help you pack. If the company is not too busy, they welcome the chance to work for an hourly fee.

In the past, I have hired "day workers" to help with a short-distance move. With this option you don't always get the best of the best. In fact, having done it once, I will never do it again.

Saving money is important, but when you get to a certain age, saving your back is even more important.

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