Colorado Economic Base

100 tips in 100 days: Denver Real Estate and Relocation Tips (Day 1)

Denver and Colorado has a very diverse economic base which is not dependent on any single sector. Colorado is strong in high tech industries such as telecommunications, software development and high tech manufacturing. Thanks to this fact, we enjoyDenver Real Estate Tips one of the highest concentration of high tech workers in the U.S.

In addition, emerging industries of biosciences, photonics, aerospace, nanotech, homeland security and the all important renewable energy are making great strides in Colorado.

Colorado's manufacturing base is strong on high-tech durable goods. 26,000 employees in 500 companies manufacture computer and electronic parts.

Industry sectors consist of Information and Professional & Technical Services. The strongest categories are in telecommunications, Internet services, software development, temporary employment agencies and advertising. Other major parts of this sector are Professional services such as legal and engineering.

Colorado has strong roots in traditional jobs in agriculture and mining to include mineral production, including oil, gas and coal.

Our economy has a strong base in tourism. Each year Colorado is a vacation destination for both domestic and international travelers.

The Aerospace industry has called Colorado home for many decades.

Wind being a strong natural resource, makes Colorado a natural for to become a global leader in harnessing this power. Vestas W ind Systems built its first North American blade manufacturing plant in Windsor, Colorado.

ConocoPhillips has purchased the 432-acre site in metro-Denver (Broomfield) for its world-class sustainable corporate training center and global research facility for renewable and alternative energy.

Denver and Colorado is a popular destination state for many adults across the country. Due to the popularity of living here, employers will find a diverse employment base spanning a range of industry sectors.

Colorado has a highly educated, technically savvy workforce. The state has been outpacing national job growth rates for years.

These facts are just a few of the many reasons Denver, Colorado has a very bright future.

Day 2 will discuss more of Colorado's diverse economic base.