So I checked out for 12 days to take a road trip to the National Real Estate Convention inColorado National Monument Las Vegas. We left early in order to visit a few of the National Parks along the way. Typically we go blowing by on the highway, this time I wanted to slow down and take to pictures. So we did.

Now back to work and I feel one step out of kilter. Showing homes I couldn't get the keys to unlock the doors! The first three were a challenge, not just for me, but my client too. Persistence won and we managed to not to miss an entry. Smooth it wasn't.

What is it about vacations that slows us down? The pace changes and the senses become more tuned into the surroundings. But return home and it takes a few tries before the old familiar is sharp and fast again.

Day two will be better. I may even have time to wade through the mountain of mail on my desk. The email, well that's another story.