Anyone who works with the public will confirm one must always be ready for the unexpected.  As residential Realtors we show houses that aren't always in "show" condition.

At times one only needs to poke a head through the front door to see "enough."  Most of the time we feel compelled to actually set foot in the house, just because we drove across town after setting an appointment and golly gee, we are here after all.

Denver real estate brokers co-op.  That means we all share our listing for sale with each other.  We learned years ago it is more efficient to share the inventory with all.  We save time for the buyers and sellers.

We also cooperate by providing feedback on the homes we show.  Feedback comes in the form of suggestions and responses from both the buyer looking at a property and the agent showing it.

Oftentimes this feedback is extremely valuable in giving the seller clues as to how to improve the home so it will sell.

Feedback is often tempered with too much politeness.  Many agents know the remarks go directly to the seller, so they tend to water the remarks down diluting them until they have no value.

Others give pointed comments the cut to the quick.Feed Back Response for Denver Real Estate

One of my associates had us laughing until our sides ached at the last meeting.

She is dealing with an owner who had to rent his "for sale property in Denver" out to a tenant, who obviously isn't on board with the program.

The response from the showing agent is, "Horrible showing! Between all the empty party beer bottles and dirty dishes and sloppy, dirty, filthy condition, this condo might have been nice.  But the highlight of this showing was the girl that was passed out in the master bed and had no idea anyone was in the condo.  We were not sure if she was dead or just drunk out of her mind.  She did not appear to be blue in color, so we did not dial 911. You really need to have a serious talk with the sellers on this one, or you will never sell this condo!"

Well the pointed feedback worked.  The tenant is a short-termer now and the seller is on board with getting the place in tip top shape.  Anyone interested in a nice condo in Denver?

If only the walls could talk!