Ever since the announcement was made a mystery LLC purchased the former Storage Tek site in Louisville for $55.6 million, the rumor mill has been going wild. Every high tech company from Yahoo, to Microsoft to eBay and even Google has been named as the buyer.

Today the announcement by Gov. Ritter cleared up the speculation. The new owner is ConocoPhillips. Huh? Not a tech company?

Now wait;

The Houston-based energy giant plans to convert the 432-acre site to a global technology and corporate learning center. ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) plans to bring thousands of employees to the center for training each year. The center will be the company's hub for research and development of renewable energy and high-tech carbon fuels recovery. ~ Denver Business Journal

Now that we know the whole story, it makes perfectly good sense. Energy & Colorado goes hand and hand. The new economy is about renewable energy.

Now in Colorado we have both.


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