In Colorado there are two kinds of homeowners, those who have a home with a cracked driveway and those who don't, yet.  Sad but true, yet there are ways to maintain your driveway and possibly prevent cracking.

Here's a nice short video from the nice people over at U.S. Inspect that will explain and show you what to do.

Nothing can destroy a driveway faster than cracks allowing water penetration.  Sealing those cracks can prevent seasonal freezing and thawing that does the most damage to your driveway.

If your driveway is sporting a  crack larger than 1/2 inch it should be sealed with polyurethane caulk, specially designed for this purpose.

Prompt annual maintenance of your driveway is cheaper than replacing it.  Nice driveways are important in presenting your home to buyers.  The value of your home is impacted by many things, including ugly driveways!