Denver Real Estate ~ Take a close look at the sales statistics for real estate sales in the Denver Metro area.  At first glance the average sale price has dropped  $55,251 from a year ago ($267,259 from $322,510). That is a huge drop that would indicate values have dropped considerably.

But Wait!  Let's look at the Percentage of Sold Properties by Price Range:

Denver Real Estate Statistics

Notice the lower prices ranges (single family), everything under $150,000 has seen an increase in volume this year.

Now notice the drop in sales of homes over $500k. We are selling the same number of homes, we are just selling them in the low end of the market.

The decline in value is due to the number of lower end homes we are selling coupled with the decrease in the higher end.  A glut of low end sales will skew the average price, pulling it down and giving an inaccurate picture of the market.

Interestingly the middle of the market has not been effected.

First time home buyers, investors are in the market. They are scooping up the low end real estate.  Savvy buyers know how to buy (low) and sell (high).  People who continue to put their trust and faith in the news media will be saying in a few years, "Gee I coulda bought that for $xxx, but now the market has passed me by and I can't afford to purchase a home."

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