Denver does Basements, not Dungeons!

100 Real Estate & Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 69)

Coming from the East Coast where basements are less than wonderful, I was delighted to learn the same is not true in Colorado.  Yes, the west has the luxury of newer housing, much of which is on the side of a hill or mountain. When this occurs not only does a home have expanded space, but it is nice sunny, usable space for the family to enjoy.

Denver does basements up right.  The trend now is leaning toward "Man Caves" of opulent game rooms with wet bars, wine grottos, gaming tables and the most popular option, the media room.  Media rooms have gone over the top, the come complete with comfy, individual lazy-boy recliners, many times laid out on graduated height floors, just like at the movies!  I've even notices a real live pop-corn popping machine in some.

Some homes have the luxury of having what we call a "walk-out" basement, meaning part of it is open to the back or side yard, with no steps, just a level exit to the outside.  When a builder offers this option in a newly built home, you can be assured it will come with a premium price. It only makes sense, because the materials to finish are more expensive as is the popular walk-out lot.

Another variation is the "garden level" basement. This style typically has windows looking out at about ground level.  It is not possible to walk out into the yard, but the extra light available is highly desirable and often a very far alternative to the walk out basement.  A garden level will also have premium pricing in a new home.

The last option is the simple basement.  New home builders learned several years ago how to make this ordinary option more extraordinary by digging it deeper.  By giving more height to the basement, it created a very desirable space for not much more costs.

Home buyers are always please to learn that a home has a basement. Most often they would like the basement to be finished, but it is not unusual for a buyer to prefer to do the basement to their own specifications.  Some prefer to do nothing at all, but they insist on having the extra storage space.

Whatever your preference, you will find Colorado basements to be a welcome addition to your living space. They stay cool in the summer and need little heat in the winter.  There is nothing like a big basement for extending the family's space for a reasonable fee.

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