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100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 30)

Commuting conversations are guaranteed when moving to the Denver metro area.  Home buyers typically write their "Ben Franklin List" of wants and needs.  At the  top of the Want List is usually an easy commute.

OK, so what does easy mean?  Easy is a relative term.  If a home buyer is coming from a large metro area like Los Angeles or Washington D.C. the commute is usually very easy to beat.  Any time less than an hour or two is an improvement.

Oh my.

Spending three or four hours in a car just to get to work is such a time suck. I can't imagine having to waste so much time and certainly understand the need to cut that commute in half or quarters. That we can do!

What I do like to tell people is about Denver's wonderful public transportation system. If you read my blog you will know I'm in love with RTD's Light Rail. Well now I have another lovely secret to share;

FREX ~ Front Range Express

Those who travel on I-25 to the south undoubtedly have seen it. It's the shiny, hip looking black bus with the bright logos on the side. FREX is a commuter bus service for the Front Range, Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock and Denver.

Not only is it pretty, it's comfortable inside. FREX also offers Wifi!

Imagine looking forward to your commute each day as you relax in comfy, high back seats while plowing through your email and other workday tasks.  By the time you get to work you are relaxed and ahead of the game.

It really makes sense to turn a commute into another productive part of the day instead of wasting away behind the wheel in traffic.

What is good for you is also good for the environment!  Cyclists can even take their bike and continue their commute by peddling the last leg. FREX is a win-win so the next time a conversation about commuting to Denver comes up, consider the Front Range Express.

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