Yesterday we braved the Bronco traffic like a salmon swimming upstream to get downtown in time for the Holiday Tuba Celebration. No we aren't necessarily Tuba music lovers, I'm just a blogger looking for new and interesting topics to write or photograph.

When I heard the announcement on the radio of how 300-plus Tuba players from a tri-state area were going to play for the 33rd year, well I couldn't resist! A holiday tradition for many Denver families this event was certainly enjoyable.

The youngest was 11 years old and the most senior tuba player was 87! Guess you can say tuba playing spans generations.

Denver Christmas Tuba Celebration

Next time you think about doing something different, don't hesitate. Enjoying the festivities around the Denver metro region is just another part of why living here is fun. I'm glad we braved the cold temperatures yesterday to make yet another fond memory.

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