Pre-home Search  Suggestions for the Eager House Hunter

100 Real Estate and Relocation Tips in 100 Days ( Day 23)
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Everyone who has ever searched for a new home online agrees, it's great but not enough. The lack of having an actual perspective of the home, the neighborhood and it's setting can make or break one's desire for a home.

This multi-dimensional perspective can almost be achieved by using Google Maps Street View.  Home searchers for the Denver metro area will be happy to know Google Street View is available in the area.

Street View is fairly easy to use. The photos are at street level allowing virtual walks that both pan and zoom.  One can explore the neighborhood and surroundings, including prominent landmarks and other points of interest.  It's much like driving in a car with a REALTOR®, only you are in control!

Google offers a Guide to using Street View here.

I hope you are enjoying my rather random tips for Denver Real Estate and Relocation. Much of what I know, I've learned from my clients.  So many embrace technology and find creative and very effective ways to make searching for a home easier.

Sharing what works is natural.  Pass it on!