Denver Stock Show ParadeLast week I had the sheer pleasure of dispelling my Denver real estate client's belief that Denver is a cow town! Coming from the left coast he had never set foot outside of DIA! Imagine that! Now DIA is a world class airport, but it hardly makes up for all the terrific things our cool city has to offer.

I must admit the sounds of my client's amazement was music to my ears. Showing off the city is one of my favorite things to do. What other city has so much to offer? We have every professional sports club you can think of. We have the incredible Denver Center for Performing Arts Center complex, multiple art, science and history museums, outdoor activities that span all four seasons, great shopping, a distinct art district, excellent public schools and Universities.  As a western city with cowboy roots Denver is also entrenched in technology, conservation, green building, bio-medicine, medical research and space.

Package the activities together with some of the most affordable housing costs in the west, a awesome climate with lots of sunshine and place it at the foot of America's playground, the Rocky Mountains and you have a recipe for a very attractive place to live.,

Don't get me wrong, Denver does love cows, so much in fact each year we proudly parade them down 17th Street.  The National Western Stock Show Parade is just another example of how well Denver blends the past with present.

Of course my client took very little time to agree with me.  He is looking forward to relocation his family here very soon.  Denver real estate is in fact alive and well. The best news is; People WANT to move to Denver!

That in itself says a lot.