Stairway to nowhereDenver lofts come in a variety of flavors. We have the "soft" lofts that are built as brand new construction. We also have the "hard" lofts of unique design that now are homes after living a life of service as something else.

These unique lofts often have charming nooks and crannies that aren't there for decorator interest, they were once working features in a factory or warehouse.

I enjoy seeing how homeowners treat these features. Today I noted a stairway that lead to a brick wall. It was a stairway to nowhere, but decorated as a focal point none the less!

I wonder if the homeowner has a story to go along with the "stairway to nowhere." Might it relate to the history of the building and the people who once worked there?

I'd like to make one up, but then this is not my home. I'll have to leave it up to the new homeowners.

By the way this fabulous unit is coming on the market this week. It is directly across from Coors Field, so the new homeowner better be a Rockies Fan! Or perhaps a Rocky himself!