Last week the Pew Report came out with a survey ranking Denver, Colorado as the city most people want to move to. Thank you for confirming what we already know Pew!

What I did enjoy is reading how  half of Americans surveyed would rather live somewhere else.  Apparently where they live now just isn't up to their standards. According to Pew:

"There are some more fundamental differences between men and women," says Rich Morin, senior editor of the Pew Research Center survey. "Different cities seem to appeal to different partisan ideological groups. ... People who are drawn to cities are typically younger people."

Denver, San Diego and Seattle are the top picks of the 30 largest metropolitan areas. Denver is the favorite city among Republicans, and it also rates well with Democrats and independents.

"It's a city that ranks high on most of the lists," Morin says. "It's a new city, a growing city, a younger city on what most people would perceive as the doorstep of God's country - the Rocky Mountains."


Percentage of Americans who say they want to live in this city or metropolitan area:

Most popular Least popular

  • Denver: 43% Detroit: 8%
  • San Diego: 40% Cleveland: 10%
  • Seattle: 38% Cincinnati: 13%
  • Orlando: 34% Kansas City: 15%
  • Tampa: 34% Minneapolis: 16%
  • San Francisco: 34% Pittsburgh: 17%

Personally I will take credit for the results of this report! I've been blogging about Denver, Colorado for 5 years  now. Obviously my blogging is paying off with at least half of Americans.  Guess I should be satisfied with those numbers, after all we don't  need everone relocating to Denver!

(TTIC - totally tongue in cheek!)

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