Denver's Skate parkWhen I was a kid we did the roller skates with the little metal keys.  The skates screwed onto your properly worn out Keds until they were tight enough to not come lose.  Away we went down the sidewalk. Occasionally we'd find it necessary to hop over a crack, whoa wild ones we were!  Around and 'round the block we would go, joyously feeling the excitment of motion.  I still remember how my feet tinkled after a day of roller skating on the sidewalk.

Nowadays we have fancy skate parks. Kids come from all around to spend their days doing tricks.  No longer are they satisfied with plain old moment. They jump, flip, skip, slide their fancy board up and over, in and out, air is not something you breathe but try to achieve.

Ride a board in Denver's Skate parkDefy gravity. Slip, slide and roll.

Visiting the Denver skate parks makes me want to be a kid again. Can I have a mulligan?