Downtown Denver is welcoming the delegates, candidates, media and others to the city tonight. Not wanting to missWelcome To Denver DNC! out on the scene, we took a drive tonight before the street closures are to begin.

A stranger to the city with no prior knowledge of the event would not remain in the dark for long. The city is bustling with people, and most obvious the police force. They are out patrolling in cars, on foot, on mountain bikes, and motorcycles. Every block is covered, not by one or two officers but groups all decked out with riot gear.

I hope they don't get to use it.

In the effort to secure the venues, fences are now surrounding

Fences now surround the venues. It's so sad to have to obscure the beauty. Of course some delightful soul placed a few dozen red and white roses on the fence, turning an eyesore into art of a sort. Now if someone could just paint those big monster dump trucks blocking the entrance the view would be further improved!


To our very special visiting guest, I hope you enjoy your stay while having the time of your life. Please look beyond the security mess and know you are probably in the safest place on earth this week.

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