If you have been to Denver lately you can't help but see the very cool red bicycle stations that dot the city landscape.  B-Cycle, a bike sharing system was introduced on April 22, 2010.

Of course when "bike sharing" comes to mind, I visualize two kids on a bike, one gets to peddle and the other sits there with his feet sticking out!

Please don't confuse B-cycle with two kids on a bike!  This innovative sharing idea is smooth, very  very creative and best of all handy!

According the to the B-cycle website there are 400 B-cycles at 42 B-stations around Denver.  42? Wow!  No wonder you can't miss them!

Denver was among the first of three cities in the U.S. to set up a bike sharing program!

To get started one needs to go to the site and register Denver B-cycle (or you can do it at the B-station).  Just like any social networking site (yes, I said social networking site - but more about that later) you will need to pick a user name and password.  You input your credit card information and then pick a membership level.  Even though you may not need to use the bike immediately, your membership will be ready and waiting.  It will not start until you do!

The membership level shows some insight as to how people are using these bikes.

  • 24-hour - $5.00
  • 30-day - $30.00
  • 7-day - $20.00
  • Annual - $65.00
  • Student Annual - $45.00
  • Senior (65+) Annual - $45.00

At the 24-hour level I would assume would be the "day triper" type person.  One who wants to see the city sights and might even be a tourist or like me a "tourist in my own town" just wanting to poke around for the day.

The annual pass is the one that most will use I guess.  This one enables a regular commuter to quickly grab a bike to get to a destination.  If they use the bike for less than 30 minutes there's no additional fee incurred.

The bikes are parked at a station and they come complete with a lock and a basket.  Since they have a safe "home" one doesn't have to worry about the bike getting stolen.  Just roll up to the B-Station when you are finished or the day or for the moment, leave the bike and walk away worry free!

If later in the day you need to get someplace, just check out another bike!  It's all so simple.

About the "Social Networking" part...

Once you register for B-cycle, you find a list of others in the program.  Here's where a little competitive fun can start, the members log in and their mileage is shown.  At this time the Leader in Denver has made 218 trips, ridden 379.95 miles and saved $467.34!

Oh My, I'd better get busy, I'll never catch up!

Forget the competition, embrace the idea, riding a bike around town will lift your spirits and bring childhood joy to your heart.  There's no better way to get around and get to know a place than from the seat of a bike.  There's freedom to be found in pushing peddles.

I know because I once took a little bike trip, around the world 47 countries, 6 continents and one year later I still loved that broken down old worn out bike.

As a bike advocate and a cheerleader for anything Denver, I applaud the city for being an early adopter to bike sharing.  I'll be down to pick up my rental, soon real soon!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, for those you worry about finding a B-station, they have an APP for That!  Of course you knew they would.