Searching for a home in the Denver Metro area can be frustrating. It's not that there aren't many homes to choose from, but often the home buyer's requirements are at odds with reality. Personal tastes, budget constraints and commute time come into play every time. Today's buyers are torn with choices finding they cannot have it all.

The optimum scenario for many home buyers is an affordable home in a good school district within 20 minutes to work. It is not surprising to learn, most people don't care to spend extra time behind the steering wheel. No one wants to waste extra time or have to listen to talk radio any longer than absolutely necessary!

RTD Light Rail at Lincoln Station RTD Light Rail at Lincoln Station

When I tell my customers about the RTD Light Rail and how convenient it is to take they are delighted! One recent client is planning his home purchase around the Lincoln Light Rail Station. He determined his "commuting threshold" is 45 minutes plus 20 minutes by car to work. He's fine with this because he plans to get extra work done on the Light Rail. In the past he hated commuting because every minute behind the wheel was a non-productive minute. Now armed with his notebook computer he can turn wasted commuting time into a slotted, regular work day.

Now before you pass judgment with this decision, let's reveal the rest of the facts. This home buyer just purchased a brand new 2800 s.f. (plus basement) home, 4 bedrooms, den, enormous gourmet kitchen, 3 car garage, backing to open space in a pool community for $325,000! Oh yes and the brainiac daughter gets to go to the Douglas County High School so she can be in the IB Program.

The end result has pleased everyone in the family.

There is never only one answer to a problem. We find solutions to problems by considering all the alternatives then testing them out. I love working with my clients to solve problems and find new and interesting paths to their happiness.