Douglas County Colorado has been at the top of the charts for growth for several years now. Oddly, it wasn’t that long ago when the cows outnumbered the humans in Douglas County!

Douglas has the fourth-lowest poverty rate (1.5%) as the fifth-largest proportion of the big homes (28.8% with nine or more rooms). These stats, combined with the excellently rated Douglas County Schools, it’s no wonder people want to move here!

Oh, did I mention the view? The majestic mountains with the ever-changing sky make every day a delight in Douglas County, Co!


(national averages in parentheses)

County population: 263,621

Wealth index: 14.97 points

Per capita income: $39,917 ($25,267)

Households with $200,000+ incomes: 9.6% (3.4%)

Homes with $500,000+ values: 18.6% (13.7%)

Households with 4+ vehicles: 7.7% (5.9%)

Adults with bachelor's degrees: 52.8% (27.0%)

Here’s how the 10 Richest Suburbs Stack up:

  1. Hunterdon County, New Jersey
  2. Fairfax County, Virginia
  3. Fairfax County, Connecticut
  4. Howard County, Maryland
  5. Loudoun County, Virginia
  6. Montgomery County, Maryland
  7. Somerset County, New Jersey
  8. Morris County, New Jersey
  9. Marin County, California
  10. Douglas County, Colorado