100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 89)

Visitors to Denver consistently comment on the vitality of the city center. Years of planning and execution by various stakeholders have contributed to that continuing vitality. Moving forward in to the near future here are a few things on tap for Downtown Denver:

Civic Center Restoration – this wonderful public space in the heart of Denver’s cultural center has been showing its age for some time. The Civic Center Conservancy is working to complete designs and concepts to bring this area current to reflect the excitement of the rest of downtown.

16th Street Mall Improvements – the 27 year mall which serves as the spine of downtown, connecting ODO with Civic Center, is in need of serious repairs and updating. New electrical systems, ADA compliant fixtures and curbs, and the installation of new pavers will all combine to keep this showpiece pedestrian space viable for another 30 years.

Union Station – this wonderful old railroad center is now in the control of The Regional Transportation District, and will become the nexus of Denver’s light and heavy rail transportation system.

Arapahoe Square – this somewhat lackluster area immediately north of the core of downtown is due for a major injection of development. The Master Plan is soon to be put to paper, and this 20 square block area will begin to become home to people and businesses with access to Light Rail.