Relocation to Colorado requires A Colorado Driver's Exam and Vehicle Registration

100 Real Estate and Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 58)

If you are just passing through our beautiful state, we are glad to have you, and there are no special requirements for a drivers-testprivately owned vehicle or its driver. Of course you do have to adhere to the Colorado laws affecting the operation of a motor vehicle, which are probably like the rules of the road where you live now. (HEADS UP- Legislation effective July 1, 2009 makes it illegal to drive while talking or texting in a motor vehicle unless you have a hands free device.)

If you are moving your residence to Colorado, you must obtain a Colorado Drivers License within 30 days, and register your vehicle within 90 days. Vehicle registration and driver licensing are performed by separate entities, and require visits to different locations.

Let's start with your driver's license. That document is issued by the state of Colorado, so you will want to prepare for any necessary examination by obtaining a drivers handbook, which can be downloaded . The handbook is also available in Spanish, and there are versions for motorcycles and commercial licensing. Once you are familiar with the Colorado rules, you can find the nearest licensing location . The state website requires a little drilling to find everything you may need, but the site is well done and informative.

Automobile registration is a function of your county of residence, however, the information you need to register your vehicle of locate the vehicle registration office is located on the same site as driver licensing.

You now have the access points for everything you need to know about driving and vehicles in Colorado. Drive safely!

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