Hot Air Balloon The Economy Needs a Lift!

It's up it's down it's all around, the economy both local and national seems to be own everyone's minds.

This week the news in Colorado that our unemployment rate at 8.7% is better than the national average which is 9.1%.  .4% of a point is not so much of a difference, but here in Colorado it is something to crow about!  Read the story on Denver Post.  The industries leading the grow are construction and trade, followed by transportation and utilities.

Colorado is still in the top 10 of states with foreclosures, but filings continue to drop, getting lower each month. The BizJournal has this story. Colorado is the 10th highest state with foreclosures.  The state with the highest foreclosure filings is Nevada, with Arizona following close behind.

My friend and follow blogger in BoulderSuZ wrote a post about setting a goal, 1 Million Modifications by December.  I think her point of setting the goal, finding the money and helping get the economy on track by actually helping those in  need is a wise one.  Real Estate is the fuel that will fire the economy.  People need to feel some confidence to move forward.

Confidence comes from not feeling fear.