Denver Area Employment Centers - Part 2

100 Real Estate and Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 10)

  • As we continue to move clockwise around Denver examining the major employment centers, the attention shifts the Interstate 25corridor south of Denver. Looking toward5:00 o'clock, we first find the University of Denver and the urbanized area extending from the Cherry Creek Shopping Center south along Colorado Blvd to the I-25 corridor. As we move further south, we discover the Denver Technological Center (DTC), the crown jewel among the many office parks stretching south form the city limits of Denver into Douglas County. Inverness and Meridian are just two of the more prominent office parks that compliment DTC and provide the largest concentration of employment opportunities in Colorado.
  • Looking southwest from downtown (about 7:30 on the clock face) at the base of the foothills is the Denver facility for Lockheed Martin. This large aerospace contractor employs as many as 15,000 at the main facility and in other locations in the southwest area of Metro Denver.
  • Turning to our clock at about 8:30 we discover  the Denver Federal Center. This former munitions plant has been converted since WWII to house the largest concentration of Federal employees outside of Washington D.C.
  • Directly west of downtown,( 9:00 o'clock), is located the Denver West Office Park, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,The Jefferson County Government Center, the Colorado School of Mines, and (at about 9:30) the Coors-Molson Brewery.
  • Located northwest of downtown, along the U.S. 36corridor is Interlocken, a large technical office park, directly across the highway from the new Conoco-Phillips Research Center. The Conoco-Phillips facility will bring12,000 jobs at completion in 2020.

That concludes our brief tour of the major employment centersscattered around Metro Denver. Of course, there are large employers in Boulder,Longmont, Colorado Springs, and, in fact, all along the I-25 corridor borderingthe Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  With unemployment consistently below the national average, Denver is agood place to work, and an incredible place to live.