Boreas Pass looking south toward the slightly snow dusted peaks.

There's nothing like fall in Colorado!  Just take a drive into the majestic Rocky Mountains and you will agree!

This weekend we took a day and drove off in search of golden aspen leaves.  We didn't have to go far to find them!  Our trip took us up Highway 285 to Kenosha Pass, which is ablaze with fall color.  We enjoyed a sunset there, overlooking the far off reaches of South Park!

We spent a night in Fairplay, a small town, so small that the Pizza Hut closes at 8!  There were other restaurants, but the waiting list was much too long for us, so we opted for take out pizza, and dined in the room!  OK, it's not very cosmopolitan of us, but we pride ourselves in being flexible!

The next morning we drove over Boreas Pass, enjoying the view of the trees mixed with the mountain peaks.  There was a slight dusting of snow, reminding us that winter is coming up next.

On top of Boreas Pass we enjoyed reading about the history of the area.  I was surprised to see how many railroads used to crisscross our state, connecting all the mining towns.  The old building on top of the pass was what was left of a community that once housed 150 citizens who worked for the railroad.  I can't imagine living up there and being so isolated and probably snowed in!

On the Breckenridge side of the Pass the road got very busy. It seemed everyone was out enjoying the very same thing we were.  At several points the road was canopied with golden yellow aspen leaves.  I wanted to take a picture, but being the purist that I am I also knew I'd never get one without a line of automobiles in it!  Ugh!

Our return trip was to drive back to Denver via I-70, which is nice, but not nearly as nice as getting off the main road and enjoying a different slice of life.  Hope you get to do the same, real soon!