Denver Real Estate

Forbes reports:

Francesca Levy the reporter who damned Denver posted the un-retraction of her original story of how Denver is the 2nd Worst Real Estate Market in the country.

Instead of accepting the fact she used the wrong data, she now tells us (what real estate industry watchdogs already know) that Zillow is not a good source for inventory numbers.

Zillow the Bloated Real Estate SourceYes, Francesca Levy we know.

Denver is doing just fine in the real estate recovery department.  We are closing transactions, and making sales despite your very unfavorable  report on our fair city.

It was super-cool how so many people were actually very vocal about the gaff.  I for one am thankful we brought attention to the mistake and took you to task.

Hopefully now there will be enough resources on the Internet that the next intern Forbes or other mass media outlets  hire will be able to ascertain fact from fiction when reporting real estate stats.

Zillow was not a good source, but throwing them under the bus without saying "You screwed up by using them in the first place was not very cool."

Pointing a finger in blame means there are 3 more pointing back at you.

But we knew that.

One day accountability will be cool again.