This week's guest post is by Paula Henry who writes for Home To Indy, Indianapolis Real Estate Guide.  Paula has up-close and personal insight when it comes to Relocation.  She has moved back and forth across the country more than once.  Let's hear from Paula:

“Hey honey, I got a promotion”, is often followed by, “Where”? Or, at least it was in our home. Have you ever been relocated to another city? My family and I have moved from Indianapolis to the east coast, to the west coast and back again , with long stops in St. Louis and Phoenix. Packing up your family and moving to another city is exciting and a bit scary. Although I love an adventure, choosing where we would live was always my first thought. If you have children, like we did, schools were additional consideration, as well.

In the early years, (yeah, it was a long time ago), we didn’t have the Internet to search homes, so we had to physically make the trip to our new city to find a home. During our first few relocation's we were totally dependant on finding an area we liked by driving around neighborhoods, narrowing our search for homes.

Our last two moves were greatly enhanced by the use of the online home search tools. Today’s relocation buyer has some distinct advantages, compared to the buyer who was transferring just five or six years ago. There are several online tools available to assist in discovering more about an area, such as school scores, cost of living calculators, virtual maps, parks, crime stats, commute times and home market reports.

In the end, though, the result is the same; you still have to get in the car and actually see the home, the area and the neighborhood. While there are many reasons you may rule out a home online, there may be enough good reasons to keep it on the list. You learn a lot when actually driving through a neighborhood, walking through the door of a home and envisioning making your new life within the four walls of that space. There’s also the community amenities to consider; parks, recreation, grocers and restaurants that become a part of daily living and are important aspects of choosing a place to call home.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Indianapolis or buying a home in Indianapolis, we would love to help you find a new home here. Our online search tools will help you discover more about the homes and neighborhoods of Indianapolis, while our staff of professional Realtors® will bring their local knowledge and real estate expertise to assist you in settling in and making your home in Indianapolis.