Get Obama Out of the Closet!First, let me say this is NOT a political statement, so if you are looking for a partisan debate, you won't find it here!

This blog is about real estate, living in Denver and today the hazards of being a REALTOR.  Yes there are hazards, many in fact.  Being a REALTOR means having strangers in your car, strangers you pick up in odd places and take to even odder places.

Usually the people in your car are fun, or at the very least polite. When we all get along it's a good thing, because looking for a home sometimes takes days or even weeks.

During the course of The Search, we get to know one another through sharing slices of our lives. That's not the hazard part.

Hazards slap us in the face when we are least expecting them. Things like hitting a skunk and having your car stink to high heaven for an entire showing day.

Getting lost despite having two GPSes on board and a map of the area is pretty much par for the course on some days.

Driving for 45 minutes to a property only to find the lock box is empty is maddening.  Worse yet is having the key in your hands slip out and through the cracks of the deck is even more frustrating.

Keeping on schedule is always a challenge. Lateness is almost a given on any and every day. It's guaranteed when little children are in tow.  Just the same I never know whether to laugh or cry when after showing 14 houses we discover Jr. left  his blanky, you know the prized one he can't sleep let alone live without in one of the 14 houses.  Of course we never know which one.

OK, you get the idea.

Real Estate sales is for the tough, the patient and the kind. You need grit and persistence to survive.

Yesterday, while showing a home my dear client looked in the master bedroom closet and gave it a nod of approval.  He said, "Very nice closet" and moved on.

Of course being a good agent and a true female, I love seeing a good master bedroom closet, so I went to take a look myself.

As I opened the door, a scream came out of my mouth as I jumped back grabbing my racing heart. A man was in the closet, no not just any man it was Obama!

Once again I failed to expect the unexpected.

Closets are for clothes, not people!  There ought to be a law!