Spring is in the air and the Denver Golf Expo is in town. Hubby and I decided to drive to theSex or golf, a male dilemma for sure Denver Merchandise Mart to see what is new in the golf world.

Imagine my delight (for blog photo fodder) when I saw this sign! Hubby didn't understand when I immediately pulled the car over without explaining why I just had to have a photo of this sign.

When he finally figured it out, we both had a good laugh.

Decisions, decisions! Turn right or turn left? Is this a male dilemma or good planning, all vices in one place?

By the way I turned left. The golf expo was great.

I came away with a bagful of bounty and I won a free round of golf, found the Perfect Putter, I sunk 100% of my putts in it! I think I'll be joining the Executive Woman's Golf Association in Denver.

Also I found the most adorable custom, hand made club covers, PS McGillicuddy's haute styles for the well dressed golf club. I didn't purchase yet, maybe I should see if I can still play golf first!