Sometime ago I wrote an article on Active Rain, a real estate blogsite about the importance of protecting your good name.  Most will agree, our reputation is very important.  These days it is so easy for someone to go on the internet and damage a reputation.

Glenn Roberts Jr. of Inman News picked up the blog and discussed it in Part 3: Web trends: Who's keeping track?  (I'd link to the article, but it is a subscription based site).

Roberts discussed how another real estate blogger, Don Fabrizio-Garcia with Prudential Connecticut Realty in Danbury, CT was wrongfully accused of making a comment.  Don went through a week of pain before the comment was removed.

Don's example is one we should all heed.  Setting up a RSS feed to track when your name, your company's name is mentioned on the Internet is a wise thing to do.  It is easily done, and Google offers a service that is free.  So there is no excuse not to do it!

Anyone who's going to be in touch with consumers needs to know what is being said about them.  Whether it's in the real estate business or another industry.

Rich Jacobson who writes part of the Soundbite Blog and is with Windermere Real Estate/West Sound Inc. in Silverdale, Washington  feels it is important to monitor web content.  Doing so can uncover  things said about you, but  also  plagiarism.

Thanks to Glenn Roberts and Inman for making us famous for 15 minutes.  I hope you will follow through with the links and set up an RSS feed to protect yourself.

Do it now.